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2008 NEC National Electrical Code HANDBOOK on CD-ROM Software
2008 NEC National Electrical Code HANDBOOK on CD-ROM Software
ISBN# 087765-798-X
2008 NEC National Electrical Code HANDBOOK on CD-ROM Software
Price $237.00
2008 National Electrical Code NEC HANDBOOK on CD-ROM Software. Only the new NEC® Handbook on CD-ROM brings you expert commentary, hundreds of full-color graphics, plus the 2008, 2005, 2002 and 1999 NECs!  Imagine the time you'll save with the 2008 National Electrical Code Handbook on CD. It's ideal for engineers, electrical designers, contractors and everyone who needs NEC answers. Order now and speed your way to full compliance! 
 The convenience of having the code on your computer at home or on your laptop. How great is that? The perfect gift for you or any electrician! Buy your NEC handbook on CD-ROM here for less than you would if you were a member of the NFPA!   ( FYI the difference is that the blue CD-ROM has  the codes, the definitions AND the illustrations)
The powerful NEC® Handbook on CD-ROM includes the 2008 NEC plus expert commentary! The CD-ROM comes with two downloads for two computers - extra bonus!

The most comprehensive tool in the electrical field, the 2008 National Electrical Code® Handbook on CD streamlines your work with lightning-fast searches that save time and improve accuracy. No more lengthy project delays while you look for answers! You'll formulate solutions faster with instant access to expert commentary plus four editions of NEC text for contrast and comparison.

Get the expert support needed to comply efficiently, avoid violations, and keep electrical installations on track with the National Electrical Code® in this exclusive NEC® 2008 Handbook on CD-ROM from the National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA).
Only the handbook offers the full NEC® 2008 text alongside expert commentary from code specialists, offering insight into code rationale, explanations of new and revised rules, and practical, hands-on advice on how to apply the code. This NEC 2008 HandBook on CD-ROM is a valuable resource for anyone involved in electrical design, installation, inspection, and safety, this book will give users the knowledge needed to feel confident that their work will be safe, efficient, and code-compliant. This is a one-of-a-kind reference containing the most widely accepted and most frequently used criteria for electrical installations in the U.S.
Loaded with more National Electrical Code® information than any other resource, the NEC Handbook on CD provides advanced search options so you access facts instantly. Easy-to-use program lets you call up or print:
  • Color-coded solutions, examples, and answers to frequently asked questions about NEC use. Commentary is written by electrical professionals closely involved with Code development
  • Over 500 illustrations and photos including full-color graphics. Handbook users say the graphics are especially useful for discussing installation requirements with building owners, subcontractors, and inspectors.

For convenience, read-only PDF versions of the 1999, 2002, and 2005 NEC are included. You can make easy comparisons between the documents.

When it comes to getting answers about the 2008 NEC, let your PC do the legwork! The electronic National Electrical Code NEC 2008 Handbook includes a printed user's manual and tech support.

System Requirements for National Electrical Code® Handbook CD-ROM, 2008 Edition

 The NEC Handbook CD is installable two (2) times
onto computers with the following system requirements: (put it on your home computer and your laptop - or share the cost with a friend!)

  • Pentium-class PC
  • Microsoft® Windows 98SE, 2000, NT or XP operating system
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 15 MB disc space (minimum)
  • CD-ROM drive

(Note:  the difference between the  blue version (handbook) and the black version (code book) of the NEC CD-ROM is that the black version is just the codes but the blue version has the codes, the definitions and the illustrations - hence the price difference!)

Buy 2 or more of this item for $185.00 each
Buy 6 or more of this item for $182.00 each
Buy 11 or more of this item for $178.00 each
Buy 25 or more of this item for $175.00 each
Buy 50 or more of this item for $165.00 each

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