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Lineman Coffee Mugs Cups - GREAT Gift
Lineman Coffee Mugs Cups - GREAT Gift
We cannot find mugs made in the United States, but these mugs purchased from a small American Business are finished here in Florida by TNT.Item# MUG002 (see catalog for specific item#'s)
Coffee Mugs for Linemen, Troublemen, Groundmen & Others
We offer a PLETHURA of coffee mugs - cups here for the Cable Lineman, Telephone Lineman, Electrical Power Lineman, groundman, troubleman, wireman, instructors and others. Excellent detailing - Our designs are on BOTH SIDES of the11 ounce  mug - and that's hard to find! Microwave and dishwasher safe! We also have these electrical designs in decals and some in T-shirts, so please continue to browse our store!
These ceramic mugs for electricity oriented mugs from TNT!
WE ALSO CARRY DECALS TO MATCH MOST OF OUR MUGS - Take a look in our decal department!
beware of the fault finding lineman coffee cup
Item# Mug50
Fault Finding Lineman
Got Power? Power Pole and Lightening Bolt Coffee Cup Mug
Item# Mug51
Got Power?
Power Pole
Power_Man Coffee Mug done in shades of brown. This Power Man is holding lightening bolts in each hand. Are you a power man?
Item# Mug52
Power Man
I Love My Lineman Coffee Cup Mug
Item# Mug53
I Love My
High Voltage Troubleman Coffee Mug Gift
Item# Mug54
High Voltage
High Voltage Groundman Coffee Mug Gift
Item# Mug55
High Voltage
Caution! High Voltage Lineman Coffee Mug Cup
Item# Mug56
High Voltage
DANGER High Voltage Instructor Mug for Instructors Gift
High Voltage
Danger Electricity Turns Me On Coffee Mug
Item# Mug58
DANGER Electricity
Turns Me On!
Warning Lineman Til Death Mug Cup Gift
Item# Mug59
'Til Death
Once a Lineman Always a Lineman Gift Mug
Item# Mug60
Once a Lineman...
Ohm's law coffee mug...DC resistance formulas on one side and AC impedance formulas on the other! Have you got your Ohm's lately?
Item# Mug61
Ohm's Law
DC Resistance formulas on one side & AC Impedance formulas on the other side
DANGER Work Hert Coffee Mug
Item# Mug62
Work Hertz
Electrical Poo-Poo :o) Coffee Mug...plug old shit into new shit and watch the new shit go to Shit! Is that the truth or what?
Item# Mug63
Electrical Shit
Plug old shit into new shit and the new shit becomes old shit!
Lineman...Putting Fire in the Wire Coffee Mug Cup for Power linemen
Item# Mug64
Lineman...Putting Fire in the Wire
LINEMAN COFFEE MUG - image on both sides of mug!
Item# Mug65
Lineman on Pole
These exclusive power linemen and utility worker coffee cups can only be found here at TNT's Electrical Trades Gift Store - where we offer over 200 gift items for your favorite electrical lineman!  Our 11 Ounce Mug for your power lineman will be impressive and attention-getting!  Image printed on BOTH sides of mug - a great gift for your favorite power lineman, groundman, troubleman and others in the electrical field!
Select the mug you prefer 

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