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Electricity or Inventions Kit for Children - ScienceWiz
Electricity or Inventions Kit for Children - ScienceWiz
Item# KIDS001-E or KIDS001-I
Electricity Kit and/or Inventions Kits for Children
Price: $21.50
Your choice of ScienceWiz Electricity Kit or Science Wiz Inventions Kits for your child or special person in your life!  These delightful electricity and inventions books and kits make wonderful gifts for the young and older alike, and combines hours of fun with solid basic science. Nurtures a love for learning and develops an accessibility to science.

This makes a great gift for a child of an electrician or an electrical engineer! Combine the two kits and save! Thanks for shopping with TNT Electrical Trades Gift Store www.etgiftstore.comThe first of the two products we are going to tell you about is  the SCIENCEWIZ ELECTRICITY KIT for children aged 5-10 and contains a 40-page book .  This Electro Wiz "Projects in Electricity" gift set kit contains 18 activities and is gift boxed with all materials/parts needed for the 18 hands-on activities except for one D cell battery. This should be your child's first electricity kit - it's very educational, while being fun at the same time. Beautiful step-by-step, highly visual instructions and child appropriate materials designed for young children to work independently.  Your child builds circuit loops, lights lights, buzzes buzzers, spins whiz bangs, sends coded messages and plays hours of motor mania while learning basic concepts and the vocabulary of electricity.
  • Scientific American's Young Reader's Book Award
  • Good Morning American's Top Ten Children's Toys
  • National Parenting Magazine Award
  • The Parent's Choice Seal of Approval
  • Creative Child Magazine Award
  • Original design funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation
    ScienceWiz Inventions Kit for Children of all ages! Order a kit for your child today!The second gift idea is the SCIENCEWIZ INVENTIONS KIT for ages 8 to 80. Contains a 40 page full-color book and materials. Step-by-step, highly visual instructions* lead a child successfully through each invention. Incredible illustrations present central scientific concepts, allowing children to discover the "why" as well as the "how". The use of everyday materials demystifies the way common electronic components work.  Build a spinning more, a clicking telegraph, a light flashing generator, a real radio! 
    Although the SCIENCEWIZ INVENTIONS KIT is designed for 8 year olds and up, this title has had an extraordinary history and following. It has been used at MIT to mentor high school students in physics. It has been used at U.C. Berkeley to mentor women in science. It has been used similarly at other institutions including Fermi Lab and the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Select which kit you prefer:
    The Electricity Kit  
    The Inventions Kit  
    BOTH Electricity and Inventions Kits  ($40.00)
    Custom Die-Cast Utility Trucks 1/43 Model Bucket OR Digger/Auger Truck
    Custom Die-Cast Utility Trucks 1/43 Model Bucket OR Digger/Auger Truck
    Custom / Personalized International Toy Model Bucket Truck - Digger Toy Trucks Gift Set - 
    Price: $52.00 for the SET or $26.95 for one truck...(includes logo and shipping with your $35 order)
    These toy model electrical line trucks are very realistic. Here are two quality made International electric, cable, telephone company toy trucks, 1/43 scale, for children and >>>
    Lineman & Electrical Trades Coloring Books
    Lineman & Electrical Trades Coloring Books
    Our coloring book is made in the USA of USA paper! It doesn't get any better than that folks!Item# KIDS020
    Lineman Apprentice or Electrical Apprentice Coloring Book
    Price: $1.95
    A fun handout for your next celebration/party! Your Lil Apprentice will have a lot of fun coloring in one of our coloring books.  Semi gloss cover and back 24 lb inside paper, half page size 5.5 x 8.5., 12 pages of coloring fun!  What a nice gift for >>>

    Buy 25 or more of this item for $1.75 each
    Buy 100 or more of this item for $1.50 each
    Magic School Bus Books - Teach Children About Electricity
    Magic School Bus Books - Teach Children About Electricity
    Item# KIDS002ES Magic School Bus Electric Storm
    Item# KIDS002EFT Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip
    Price: $8.50 Each
    Here are two really great books published by Scholastic and they are both Magic School Bus books - great books for boys or girls.  Will give them a fun insight into electricity in easy to understand teaching! Order one title or both for a discount.  Please follow our image for more information....
    Sparking Ring LOADED with Shooting Sparks!  FUN
    Sparking Ring LOADED with Shooting Sparks! FUN
    Item# N013
    Sparkin' Ring - Shooting Sparks
    Price: $7.50
    Shooting Sparks Sparking Ring - no batteries needed because it's wound up.  Re-use again and again! This will be way, way, way too much fun!  It's a SPARKIN (funken)'s not a shocking ring, but it will appear that you are being >>>
    Item# ORN017
    You are my Hero Daddy!  LINEMAN CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT

    Designed and finished in the USA (Florida) by a small business - TNT!Here's a SUPER CUTE 3" Porcelain Christmas ornament for a child to give his daddy LINEMAN for Christmas!  Comes with a ribbon and ready to hang on the tree...Merry Christmas, Daddy!  YOU ARE MY HERO!  

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