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GE Distribution Transformer Manual Handbook GET-2485T
GE Distribution Transformer Manual Handbook GET-2485T
Item# GET-2485T
GE Distribution Transformer Manual - Order two get free shipping!

GE Distribution Transformer Books. GE Manual GET-2485T FOR ELECTRICAL POWER LINEMEN - Books by General Electric This General Electric lineman's pocket hand book (GE-2485 ) includes commonly used distribution transformer connections and related information including reference tables, voltages, diagrams, etc. and is utilized by many electrical training classes. ORDER TWO AND GET FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA.
110 Pages, Printed in the USA, Copyright 1996 GE Company (General Electric) 4.5" X 8".  With the help of this GE2485 book you can manage your transformer and substation assets with the goal of minimizing cost and downtime. Using the General Electric Distribution Transformer Manual in your on-the-job LINEMAN training classes can help increase reliability, improve profitability and reduce risk with the right knowledge and training. 
One unique feature of this Distribution Transformer Manual by GE is the inside transformer symmetrical drawings   giving a clear inside mental picture of transformer circuitry (extremely handy for total understanding). You will find this book an indispensable training aid for your transformer hookups when teaching apprentices. Purchase for your line crews today! 
This spiral bound book by General Electric is sure to a valuable training resource for your distribution tranSformer classes. The GET-2485T is a useful reference for IBEW local training classes and others. Order your GE Distribution Transformer training manuals today! Shipping is included in the price of our books.
Standard Transformer kVA's and Voltages
Explanation of Voltage Ratings
Single-phase Transformers - LV Connections and Bushing Arrangements
Transformer Polarity
Terminal Markings for Single- and Three-phase Transformers
Single-Phase Paralleling
Three-phase Connections Using Single-phase Transformers
Three-phase Paralleling
Secondary Banking
Auto transformers

The diagrams in this section of the General Electric Distribution Transformer guide book covers the most common types of connections for single-phase transformers and three-phase transformers.  All the diagrams are for additive polarity for three-phase transformers.  Many electrical utility operators ground the distribution transformer tanks, while the remainder float the tank or ground through a tank-isolating gap.  While all the low voltage grounding in these diagrams is shown from the bushing terminals, the choice of whether to not to ground the tank is for the operator to decide.  (Over 30 illustrations of connection diagrams.)
This section shows several connections diagrams for connections of three-phase to two-phase and the use of auto transformers.
Delta-delta Banks, Wye-delta Banks, Motor Protection, Open-wye Open-delta Banks, Open-delta Open-Delta Banks, Wye-wye Banks, Thru-fault current duration, Short-time Overloads, Increased Use of Transformer Capacity, Transformer Rating Factor, Ambient Temperature Correctin, Three-phase Plus Single-phase Loads, Selection of Transformer Size, Typical Residential Loads
GE has been a key player in the energy industry for more than a century.  Since the installation of their first steam turbine in 1901. They have become number one provider of high-technology power generation and distribution equipment. Distribution transformers are generally used in electrical power distribution and transmission power. This class of transformer has the highest power, or volt-ampere ratings, and the highest continuous voltage rating.
ORDER YOUR GE GENERAL ELECTRIC 2485 DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMER MANUAL TODAY! GE Transformer Manual, General Electric Transformer Manual, GE-2485T, GET-2485T, GE2485T, GE-2485T, GENERAL ELECTRIC 2485 - it doesn't matter what you call it - it's a very handy pocket book for any lineman/troubleshooter to have!

Buy 25 or more of this item for $25.95 each
Buy 50 or more of this item for $24.95 each
Knots for Lineworkers Book - 2nd Edition
Knots for Lineworkers Book - 2nd Edition
Item# AP700
Knots for Lineworkers Book
Price: $13.50

This Knots for Lineworkers spiral bound book (5x7 33pgs.) shows how to tie the knots, bends, and hitches linemen need to know. The right and wrong applications for each knot are explained. It shows how to tie lashings -- knots that secure tackle blocks to posts. Safety issues related to knots >>>
Transformation for Lineworkers Book
Transformation for Lineworkers Book
Item# AP-614
Transformation for Lineworkers Handbook

The Transformation for Lineworkers book is a co
mprehensive training manual covers everything a lineman needs to know about transformers: basic AC circuit concepts, transformer connections, single- and three-phase transformer installations, load checks, fusing, grounding, and troubleshooting.>>>
USDA Rural Electric Service Little Green Book and Others
USDA Rural Electric Service Little Green Book and Others
Printed and bound in the USAItem# USDA001
USDA Rural Utilities Service Manuals Little Green, Yellow and White Books
Price: $15 - $20
We have added five USDA Rural Utilities Service (RUS) manuals to our product line. These are spiral bound, with laminated front and back cover sheets. Please click on the image to go to the next page for all the information >>>

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