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Amateur Radio Operator Decal - Ham It Up!
Amateur Radio Operator Decal - Ham It Up!
Item# DECHR007
Amateur Radio Operator Decal - Ham It Up!
Price: $1.95 Includes Shipping
Amateur Radio....A Natural Resource...HAM IT UP! Decal for ham radio operators!  Vibrant patriotic vinyl decals...sized at 3" in diameter!  Enjoy!
CUSTOM Die-Cut Ham Radio Window Decals
CUSTOM Die-Cut Ham Radio Window Decals
Item# DCD200
Your Choice White or Black:  Die-Cut Custom Ham Radio WindowDecals
Base price: $4.75
Here's a round-up of custom die-cut amateur radio decals for your car or truck window  (the sheet of small ones would be great to personalize your station gear and emergency equipment).  Only a few days to cut and ship! Priced from a low of $4.75 to a high of $15 for a huge 10.5 x 15.  Your custom call sign included! Please follow the image for more information >>>
Ham It Up! Amateur Radio Wall Clock
Ham It Up! Amateur Radio Wall Clock
Item# CL011
HAM IT UP! Ham Radio Novelty Wall Clock

Price: $44.95

HAM IT UP! Amateur Radio wall clock done in vibrant red, white and blue colors to show your patriotic side!  If you are looking for a fun, quality wall clock as a gift for your amateur radio operator, then is surely it!  This Ham It Up! wall clock has a thick 1" frame, vibrant face, and the clock measures 12" in diameter, has a sweeping seconds hand, includes battery and is packaged in a nice white box - ready for your gift wrapping.  There are no additional charges to get this Amateur Radio Gift Clock to you - zip, nada. 
Ham Radio Operator Christmas Ornaments - YOUR CHOICE
Ham Radio Operator Christmas Ornaments - YOUR CHOICE
ORN013 - Your Choice
Amateur Radio Christmas Tree Ornaments
Price: $7.95
Exclusive Amateur Radio Operator Christmas Ornaments only from TNT Electrical Trades Gift Store!  Our ham radio Christmas tree ornaments are made of porcelain and are almost 3" in diameter. Follow the image to see our current selection of several styles for the ham radio enthusiast!

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