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The Linemans and Cablemans Handbook 12th Edition McGraw-Hill
The Linemans and Cablemans Handbook 12th Edition McGraw-Hill
ISBN# 978007174580 McGraw Hill
The Lineman's and Cableman's Handbook - 12th Edition
Price: $125.00
The Lineman's and Cableman's Handbook, 12th Edition, 1104 pages, hardback, provides in-depth information on overhead and underground distribution and transmission lines. The latest OSHA, ANSI, and ASTM standards are emphasized throughout. Published August, 2011, authors: Thomas M. Shoemaker and James E. Mack. Completely revised to reflect the 2012 National Electrical Safety Code (NESC/NEC).
This handbook is written for the apprentice, the lineman, the cableman, the foreman, the supervisor and other employees of electric line construction contractors, and transmission and distribution departments of electric utility companies.  It is primarily intended to be used as an apprenticeship textbook and a home-study book to supplement daily work experiences. The Linemans and Cablemans Handbook has 50 chapters; 11 chapters are devoted to a general understanding of electricity, electrical terms and electric-power systems; 31 chapters are devoted to actual construction of overhead and underground distribution and transmission lines and to maintenance procedures; and 7 chapters are expressly devoted to safety guidelines.  The final chapter can be used by the reader as a self-examination of the information presented.
This authoritative resource presents basic principles, equipment, standards, and safety regulations, allowing electrical workers to avoid costly errors, diagnose and repair power failures, and ensure optimum safety. A wealth of illustrations and photographs make it easy to understand the material, and self-test questions and exercises help reinforce key concepts.
Comprehensive Coverage of The Lineman's and Cableman's Handbook, 12th edition includes:
Electrical principles and systems * Substations * Circuits * Construction * Wood-pole, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass, and steel structures * Distribution automation * Emergency system restoration * Unloading, hauling, erecting, setting, and guying poles * Insulators, crossarms, and conductor supports * Line conductors * Distribution transformers * Lightning and surge protection * Fuses * Switches, sectionalizers, and reclosers * Voltage regulators * Transmission tower erection * Stringing, sagging, and joining line conductors * Live-line maintenance * Grounding * Street lighting * Underground distribution * Vegetation management * Distribution transformer installation * Electrical drawing symbols * Single-line and schematic diagrams * Voltage regulation * Units of measurement, electrical definitions, electrical formulas, and calculations * Maintenance of transmission and distribution lines * Rope, knots, splices, and gear * Climbing and wood poles * Protective equipment * OSHA 1910.269 * Resuscitation * Pole-top and bucket rescue
Custom Die-Cast Trucks 1/43 Model Utility Bucket OR Digger Truck
Custom Die-Cast Trucks 1/43 Model Utility Bucket OR Digger Truck
Custom International Toy Model Bucket Truck - Digger Toy Trucks Gift Set - FREE Logo
Price: $49.95 for the SET or $24.95 for one truck...(includes logo and shipping with your $35 order)
These toy model electrical line trucks are very realistic. Here are two quality made International electric, cable, telephone company toy trucks, 1/43 scale, for kids and >>>
Highliner...Powered Up!  Decal for Transmission Linemen
Highliner...Powered Up! Decal for Transmission Linemen
Made in the USA decals...our decals are made of Oracal material manufactured at the new Oracal facility in Georgia.  The decals are printed and finished for resale here in sunny Florida!  Thank you for purchasing our MADE IN THE USA line of decals for Electrical tradesmen and tradeswomen!MADE IN THE USA...HIGHLINER: POWERED UP DECAL with the "grunge" look!  High Gloss 6.75" decal for TRANSMISSION LINEMEN! This weatherproof decal will withstand....
Lineman Climbing Hook Award - THE GOLDEN GAFF TROPHY
Lineman Climbing Hook Award - THE GOLDEN GAFF TROPHY
Item# AWARD001
Lineman Climbing Hook Award - Personalized Engraved Plaque & Shipping Included

Proudly made in the USA by Steve Hazelton who has been a power lineman for over 30 years. Purchase your linemans gift award for your special linemans celebration! TNT is your electrical trades gift store!Lineman Climbing Hook Trophy for the power lineman - The Golden Gaff Award...A special award for your lineman's life's celebrations, such as his retirement or career achievement!   Designed and created in the USA by a power lineman with over 30 years in the trade!  If you are  >>>
Power Lineman T-Shirt ARGGGH!!  Weathering the Storm
Power Lineman T-Shirt ARGGGH!! Weathering the Storm
Item# TS027
Lineman T-Shirt Weathering the Storm
Price: $19.95 Short Sleeve $24.95 Long Sleeve

We are pleased to offer you this very vibrant screen printed black t-shirt for the journeyman lineman, distribution lineman and transmission lineman, available in BOTH short and long sleeves!  It's part of the Lineman's Factory LINEMAN clothing line of t-shirts for linemen!"WEATHERING THE STORM" Gildan Ultra Cotton short-sleeve shirt or long-sleeved t-shirt. Wear your lineman clothing often! :o) Follow our image to see a larger photo >>>
Transmission Tower Line Decals - Free Personalization!
Transmission Tower Line Decals - Free Personalization!
Item# DCD102-1
Transmission Tower Lines Custom Window Decals -
Base Price: $8.95
Custom Window or Truck Panel Decals - Transmission Tower Lines die cut window decals. Personalized BLACK or WHITE die cut window decals for overhead transmission linemen.  Click on our image for more info.
Wood Electric Utility Poles - Two Sizes - Table Displays USA MADE
Wood Electric Utility Poles - Two Sizes - Table Displays USA MADE
MADE IN THE USA!Item# WC001  7 inches or 12 inches tall
Wooden Electric Utility Poles or Telephone Poles
We've got you covered for your electrical themed party table favors / displays or your Christmas or celebration scenes-displays with these finely crafted, Made in the USA 7" or 12" electric or telephone poles - with or without the wooden lineman.  >>>

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