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HangTime ACDC Ohms Law Clip-On Watch #HT161
HangTime ACDC Ohms Law Clip-On Watch #HT161
Imported watches but finished in the USA by a small American business.Item #161ACDC
HangTime ACDC Ohm's and Joule's law formulas watch.
BEST SELLER - Retail $60.00

The Time is 4:00 and 27 Ohms - Never Fumble for an Ohm's law or Joule's formula again when your electrician or electrical engineer carries our HangTime ACDC Ohm's law clip-on watch. It features both sets of formulas - ALTERNATING CURRENT AND DIRECT CURRENT! If you are looking to purchase one of our electrical trades watches, consider this one! Whether your gift recipient is an electrician, master electrician, troubleshooter, electrical contractor or electrical engineer, they will appreciate this ohm's law clip-on watch with both sets of formulas. The rugged durability of this electrician's watch or electrical engineer watch makes it great for field use!

This sturdy and functional Ohms law watch features both our AC and DC Ohm's law formulas - what a practical gift it would make! The common, more basic, DC ohms law formulas are etched onto the cover of this watch, and the more advanced high voltage AC Ohm's law formulas are silk screened on the porcelain dial of this watch along with our unique resistor band color chart.

The clip on our Ohms law watch swivels and rotates so the time and ohms law formulas face you as you're viewing it! This unique Ohm's law and Joule's law watch features a lustrous silver finish with brushed silver features, leather accents, Seiko movement, sweep seconds-hand, 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a lifetime warranty, and a beautiful deluxe gift tin - the perfect gift watch for a grad student/apprentice, electrical engineer, instructor, electrician, electronic technician, or other workman who use ohm's law in his trade!

  • This Ohms law watch measures over 5" in Length
  • The flip up cover on this HangTime Ohm's law watch measures 1 3/8" in Diameter
  • Dial face with the ohms law formulas measures 7/8" in Diameter
  • SEIKO movement
  • Engraveable case back is a nice feature too!
  • Includes silver tin gift box

HangTime ACDC Ohm's law watch by TechNote Time. TNT has a wide variety of Ohm's law watches...whether for AC or DC applications. Order one today!

Purchase a a useful watch that's also a good conversation piece - An ohms and joule's law watch is just the thing! Our ohms law power wheel wrist watches and clocks include Ohm's law, power formulas for AC (advanced - think impedance) or DC ( think resistance) applications, and a resistor band color chart (view our TechNotes page for more info on the color chart!)

Customer feedback regarding this product:

 "Anne, This is actually the second time I have ordered from your company and each time have been impressed with quality of products and the fact that you are personable. It is like having a store just waiting for my call and then everyone is then activated to work on just my order! I couldn’t be more pleased with your service or products! I have given your web site to several people for those looking for unique gift ideas revolving around the electrical field. You can use my response if you would like." V. Carroll, Lake Carles, Missouri

"I am very pleased with your watches and service ! Thank you for your followup. The students will receive them this Friday and I'm certain they will be very pleased ( and surprised ! ). Thanks again and I will definitely keep you in mind for next year.". J. Leiter, Instructor, Miami Valley Community Technical Center, Ohio

"This watch is Great! .....The Hangtime ACDC watch is just what I needed. I'm very happy with the cover as the watch face won't get scratched up. I didn't think I'd like it hanging on my belt loop - but surprisingly it works out very well.....I know I'll help your sales as I'm sure some of my friends will be placing orders." Eric Waterman, Laurens, SC

"I was very impressed with the quality of the watch I received from Technote especially for that price. A friend of mine is getting his bachelors degree in electronic engineering and, this is going to be a perfect gift. Thank you." Dan Little, Batesvile,IN
"I received the watch and wanted to let you know that it is so much nicer than I expected! Thank you for getting it to me so quickly. I got it for my son in law, and I'm sure he will love it (even though I don't have a clue what it means!!!) Anyway, thanks again and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas." J. Fehlman, Charlotte NC
"I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service and personal attention to our order. The package arrived yesterday, a day sooner than expected. :) We are very pleased with the quality of the products we received, too! (ordered the HangTime ACDC clip-on watch and few other items for her son who is graduating electrical training school). D. Judd, Blythe CA


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