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== SAFETY Decals == Electrical Themed Christmas Ornaments == Party Supplies - GOT POWER? == ** ON SALE **

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Assorted WHITE or BLACK Lineman Die Cut  Decals for Truck
Assorted WHITE or BLACK Lineman Die Cut Decals for Truck
Finished in the USA by a small american business.Item# DCD100-6-18
Assorted WHITE OR BLACK Lineman Truck Decals - Various Sizes
Price:  Starting at $4.75
Your choice of assorted die cut window decals (in black or white) for the electrial lineman. 
 These exterior window decals for linemen's and linewomen's trucks are the perfect accessory for just about anywhere - your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, surfboard, horse trailers, car windows and wouldn't you know it? -- truck windows!
These are white (or black)  die-cut vinyl decals -- meaning only the white (or black) vinyl will show on your vehicle.  Simply rub the lineman design on your car or truck with a credit card or drivers license and you are done.  Easy as that!  High quality vinyl...long exterior life. 
Do you put fire in the wire of the powerlines?  Then order a cool die cut decal today so show the world what you do for a living!  Lineman...putting fire in the wire!
Item# DCD100-6
Fire In The Wire Decal
Fear is Not a Factor Decal for electrical power linemen...if you are an electrical lineman maybe this is the decal you prefer.
Item# DCD100-12
Fear Factor Lineman Decal

Got Power? Lineman Climbing the Pole decal for the powerlineman
Item# DCD100-10
Got Power? Lineman Decal
Journeyman Lineman's Got Power Decal for electric lineman.  Order your white diecut decal today!
Journeyman Lineman Window Decal
TNT has many varieties of vinyl decals for power linemen!
Item# DCD100-8
Fear Factor Power Pole Decal
This awesome Journeyman Lineman decal depicts a lineman climbing the pole and has the electrical hazard emblems on it.  It's very cool!
Item# DCD100-13
Journeyman Lineman Decal
Simple decal of a lineman climbing...simple but very for a lineman whether he's a telephone lineman, cable lineman, railroad lineman or other lineman!
Item# DCD100-14
No Text Lineman Climbing Decal
Once a lineman...always a lineman decal.  This vinyl diecut decal is amazing!
Item# DCD100-15
Once a Lineman Decal
Apprentice lineman decal...very cool!
Item# DCD100-16
Apprentice Lineman Decal
Retired lineman gifts, retired lineman decals, decals for linemen!  We've got them here!
Item# DCD100-17
Retired Lineman Decal
Woodwalker diecut decal for your car or truck window or whatever you want to stick it on!
Item# DCD100-18
Woodwalker Decal
Going to the top of the pole to get the job done!  To the Top...The sky's the limit!  Order your linemans decal today for your car or truck window!
Item# DCD100-38
To The Top Decal
Select Which decal do you prefer? 
Please select WHITE or BLACK vinyl (white will be sent unless otherwise noted)
Lineman - Electrician 18 inch Mylar Party Balloons $3.95 each
Lineman - Electrician 18 inch Mylar Party Balloons $3.95 each
Item# PS020
18 inch Mylar Balloons - Your choice of colors!
What better way to throw a party than by having mylar balloons with a lineman theme or electrical power theme? These Mylar balloons are priced about the same as you would find in a party store, but they are geared towards the electrical occupations. Click on the image to go to the options page >>>
 Check out all of our party supplies by visiting the party department - banner on left.
Lineman Celebration Party Invitations 5-Pack
Lineman Celebration Party Invitations 5-Pack
Made in the USA by International Paper, Memphis, TN
Item# GC008
Lineman Celebration Party Invitations 5-pack

Do you have an upcoming celebration for an electrical power lineman that you need invitations for? Your choice of several styles as shown Your lineman's party invitations >>>

Buy 5 or more of this item for $4.00 each
Buy 10 or more of this item for $3.80 each
Buy 20 or more of this item for $3.50 each
Power Lineman Wall Art Plaque - Laser Cut CUSTOM
Power Lineman Wall Art Plaque - Laser Cut CUSTOM
This unique gift is made in the USA!Item# WC012 \
Power Lineman: Once a Lineman...Always A Lineman Wood Wall Art Gift

Once a Lineman...Always A Lineman wooden wall plaque gift. Our newest product offering, laser cut beautifully - you're choice of two designs...Safety harness or safety harness with additional fall restraint device -- your choice! You can also customize this laser cut wall plaque and >>>
Retirement Cards for Electricians, Linemen, Electrical Trades
Retirement Cards for Electricians, Linemen, Electrical Trades
Item# GC006
Retirement Cards Electrical Trades
Price: $1.95 each

The cards are not made in the USA, but it have been printed here in the USA, by our company in FloridaRetirement cards for electricians, the electrical lineman, electrical engineer and others in the electrical trades have finally arrived!  Here we have a selection of four to start our new line of retirement cards.  They are glossy cards with envelopes.  The electrical themed cards measure >>>

Buy 10 or more of this item for $1.75 each
WARNING Once a Lineman...Always a Lineman Sticker
WARNING Once a Lineman...Always a Lineman Sticker
Item# DW033
Once a Lineman Sticker
Price: .75
These high gloss paper stickers are MADE IN THE USA of USA materials.  The Ultra-BAK company is located here in Florida.  Both the overlay and backing material are American Made.  The stickers printed and produced for retail here in the USA.  The stickers are 100% American Made!  Enjoy!MADE IN THE USA...WARNING Once a Lineman - Always a Lineman Sticker
Professional full color stickers printed on real presses, not color copiers! Our high gloss stickers are approx. 2" x 3.5 ". The sticker for linemen has adhesive on the back and is meant to apply back down to most surfaces. Great for lunchboxes, toolboxes, lockers, breakroom, etc.

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