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== Party Supplies - GOT POWER? == ** ON SALE ** == Gifts for the Wife and Kids == GIFTS Under $10
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Custom Die-Cast Trucks 1/43 Model Utility Trucks Bucket OR Digger
Custom Die-Cast Trucks 1/43 Model Utility Trucks Bucket OR Digger
Custom Die-Cast Trucks Toy Bucket Trucks and/or Digger Trucks
Price: $50.00/Set or $25 for one truck....(includes logo and shipping)

These toy model electrical line trucks are cool! Here are two quality made scale model International electric, cable or telephone company - utility toy bucket and pole setter trucks for kids and big boys! In this 1/43 scale replica lineman bucket and digger truck set, you will receive one line maintenance bucket truck and one utility pole digger truck and both are INTERNATIONAL scale model toy trucks. ORDER JUST THE ELECTRIC UTILITY BUCKET TRUCK OR JUST THE POLE SETTER ELECTRIC UTILITY TRUCK FOR $25 (SEE CHOICES IN DROP DOWN FIELD BELOW). 
Price includes company logo and/or name of your choice...if you wish!  Looking for just the electric utility toy bucket trucks or the power company digger/auger trucks?  Please select that option in the drop down menu below.  Thank you!
***These custom die cast trucks make GREAT promotional items for your electric power company, cable company, telephone company or any electrical contractor, etc.  Customize your scale model electric utility trucks with your utility or electric company logo or a personal name/truck # to the side of each line maintenance bucket / pole setter truck - our service is FREE on all four doors!    
  • Pole Setter and Line Maintenance Custom Die-Cast Trucks are approximately 7 inches long by 3.5 inches wide by 3 inches tall -- and more when boom is extended. 
  • Please note: The doors no longer open on these trucks! New pic soon...
  • Buy something for the kids while you're at our store - they'll be thrilled you did!  Now they can play just like daddy (CAUTION:  these toy utility trucks have small fragile parts, mirrors, etc. and should be taken off or the toy utility trucks should be used for display purposes only)
  • Makes pretty cool toy bucket trucks for tree trimmers and sign specialists too!

Custom bucket and digger or pole setter trucks for kids and big boys too! Customized with your logo or name and truck number at no additional charge. Utility trucks for linemen, electricians, cabledawgs, telephone lineman, tree trimmers, sign repair specialists and others who work with bucket trucks!

If you are looking for a toy bucket truck or a toy auger, pole setter, digger have come to the right place for your 1/43 scale toy trucks! International 4200 series. Nice trucks for young and old alike! free shippingAdd some accessories to your truck display with our power poles and pine trees!
Would you like to order our 12" wooden power poles as shown with the two trucks above? Order here
Choose one of our custom images below for your toy line maintenance bucket trucks and toy digger trucks or use your own image - you may ALSO add a name, truck number etc.  Make your choice in the drop down field below. Email your logo/image with your order number to

Logos and images at no additional charge! Use one of our ideas below or send one of yours to us here at TNT Electrical Trades Gift Store.

lego lineman for toy bucket trucksAdd a LEGO worker man for $3.95 each.

Select Your Choice? 
Select Your image if wanted: 
Enter company logo you need. If we don't have it, we will contact you. Also if you want to include a name, truck # or other specific details, include here:
1.25" Miniature Traffic Cones - Toy Mini Construction Party Ideas
1.25" Miniature Traffic Cones - Toy Mini Construction Party Ideas
Item# PS028
Miniature 1.25" Construction Cones for Diorama or Cake
Price: $1.25 each
These durable little construction or traffic cones are sized at 1.25" which makes them a perfect accessory to go with our scale toy trucks and your diorama's, desk displays or party cakes! Order just one or several. Will add a nice touch to your >>>
1/43 Scale White Chevy Silverado Fleet Extended Cab Utility Toy Truck
1/43 Scale White Chevy Silverado Fleet Extended Cab Utility Toy Truck
Item# N034-F
1/43 Scale Chevy Silverado 1500 Fleet Utility Truck
Price: $17.50

This Chevy Silverado 1500 White Extended Utility Truck is scaled at 1/43 and goes perfectly with our 1/43 scale bucket truck and auger truck. Our price includes your company logo or one our images on the door.
This would make a nice addition to your fleet display or as a gift item for someone special. Sized at >>>

100 Assorted Electrical Stickers - Party Table Decorations!!
100 Assorted Electrical Stickers - Party Table Decorations!!
Item# PS013
100 Assorted Electrical Stickers for handouts or party table
Price: $25.00

100 assorted electrical trades stickers would be a lot of fun and would make great party handouts and table decorations!! We have about 25 different ones so you will get a nice selection! Sized at 3" in width...order the LINEMAN assortment or the ELECTRICIAN assortment >>>
Lego Construction Man  BUY 1 or more individually
Lego Construction Man BUY 1 or more individually
Item# KIDS012
Lego Construction Man
Price: $3.95 each

If you're looking for an additional Lego man for your bucket trucks, or perhaps as cake toppers for your electrical theme, this Lego construction man, might just be what you need!
Set of 10 LIONEL Telephone / Utility / Power Poles 7"
Set of 10 LIONEL Telephone / Utility / Power Poles 7"
Item# PS029
Set of 10 Lionel Telephone or Utility Poles 7"
Price: $15.95
This set of ten Lionel Telephone or Utility poles come nicely packaged as shown. They are 7" tall and are nicely constructed of durable plastic. These would be fun for your party cakes, table decorations, Christmas settings, etc. Order a set of 10 today for all your celebration needs!

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