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== FUN Decals & Stickers Electrical Trades == Party Supplies - GOT POWER? == GIFTS OVER $100
Happy Holidays from TNT Electrical Trades Gift Store!Shopping for occupational gifts for electricians and linemen can be a tough job! Here you can find that really special gift that makes them crack a toothy grin or you can find a truly useful gift, where they will wind up thanking you silently nearly every day of the week! Let gift-giving return to what it really should be -- something fun, honorable, and brimming over with genuine thoughtfulness! Grab a cup of coffee and browse! We thank you for shopping with us!

Electrical Knowledge Forum Guys and Gals ROCK!  Visit today!

Made in the USA.
Made in the USA, but not entirely of domestic origin.
Gifts made of foreign materials, but finished in the USA and sold to TNT by a small American business.
Made of imported materials (possibly some American materials ) but FINISHED in the USA.
Welcome to our Christmas Shoppe Department where you will find Christmas Cards, Christmas Ornaments, and misc other Christmas themed gifts for Electricians, Electrical Linemen and other Line Workers, Electrical Engineers, Ham Radio Operators and others!  Please order your Christmas Cards early.  We would appreciate it!  Thank you!
Electricians, Inspectors, Instructors Gifts Electricians, Inspectors, Instructors Gifts

Gifts for Electricians, electrical apprentices, journeyman electricians, master electricians, troubleshooters, electrical inspectors and electrical instructors.  Step inside and take a look at our wide variety of CHRISTMAS gift items for high voltage tradesmen!  And don't forget to browse our Ohm's  law departments where you will find laminated Ohm's law formula cards and charts, Ohm's law watches, clocks, coins and other unique items!  TNT is your electrical trades gift store...for life's celebrations.   

Power Lineman Gifts Power Lineman Gifts
Gifts for the electrical power lineman and woman, apprentice lineman, powerline workers, journeyman lineman/woman.  Celebration gifts for the overhead lineman, underground lineman, tower line maintainer, power line patroller - everyone in the electrical trades.  We thank you for shopping with TNT Electrical Trades Gift store....for your life's celebrations!
FUN Decals & Stickers Electrical Trades FUN Decals & Stickers Electrical Trades
Funny decals and stickers and some serious vinyl decals and bumper stickers, for electrical tradesmen and tradeswomen, including power lineman decals and stickers, electrician decals and stickers, electronics techs decals and stickers, electrical engineer decals and stickers, electrical contractors decals and stickers and others in the trade!  Read more about our decals here: Made in the USA decals



Ohms Law Watches, Clocks, Stickers, MORE Ohms Law Watches, Clocks, Stickers, MORE
In this department you will find our EXCLUSIVE Ohms law coins/medallions, ohm's law charts, glossy posters, formula cards, Ohm's law watches and ohms law clocks, ohms law stickers and more! Our design incorporates our unique resistor band color chart.
Ham Radio Operator Gifts Ham Radio Operator Gifts

Welcome Amateur Radio Operators! Whether you have your Amateur Extra Class license, your General Class license, your Technician Class license... or the grandfathered licenses such as the Novice Class, Technician Plus or the Advanced Class license, we hope you find something here at our store to please you.  We will be adding more fun items this coming year, so please check back!  We thank you in advance for browsing our gift store, especially this department of gifts for ham radio operators. 

Cable Lineman & Telephone Lineman Gifts Cable Lineman & Telephone Lineman Gifts
Welcome to our gift store for the cable lineman and the telephone lineman!  Here you will find a nice round-up of gifts...cable lineman gifts and telephone lineman gifts.  If you are in the cable telecommunications and CATV industry you will probably find a gift or two to spark your interest! Gifts for the telephone repairman, installer, technician, lineman, splicer, supervisor, sales, independent contractor -- TNT serves the entire cable/satellite/telecom broadband industry!

Electrical Engineer Gifts Electrical Engineer Gifts

This gift department is for engineers, engineering students, or anyone who has any interest in electrical engineering, electronics, and/or electromagnetism. We've got some cool gifts for these guys! Thanks for visiting our site and considering our products!

CETs, Electronics Engineers, Geeks Gifts CETs, Electronics Engineers, Geeks Gifts

Gifts for Computer Electronics Technicians (CET's), electronics engineering technicians, including aerospace engineering and operations technicians, electromechanical engineering technicians, industrial engineering technicians, engineers and technicians in  Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Marine, Telecoms, Broadcast, Medical, Rail, Consumer Electronics, IC / Semiconductor, Computer Hardware and Process Control industry sectors...and other guys and gals who are into computers and electronics!

***NEW PRODUCTS*** Recently Added ***NEW PRODUCTS*** Recently Added

In this department we add our latest new electrical themed, electrical occupations products.  If your business is an electrical cooperative, electrical utility company, electrical supply house, municipality, utility construction company, electrical contracting, electrical power company, general utility construction, telephone company, cable company, power line construction or other electrical business, then you've come to the right store! 

Party Supplies - GOT POWER? Party Supplies - GOT POWER?
Party Supplies for the Electric Utility Company industry, and anyone who is into having a party with the electrical theme.  Let us become your one-stop shop! Hundreds of electrical trades gifts and themed party supplies for all of your life celebrations! Office parties, retirement celebrations, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties!

Books, Manuals, Guides & CD-ROMs Books, Manuals, Guides & CD-ROMs
We offer FREE SHIPPING on all our books and manuals for the electrical industry!  We have many popular electrical and electrical engineering books, manuals, guides and CD-ROMS.  Note that many of our books are shipped direct from the NFPA, Craftsman Books or Cengage Learning (Formerly Thomson/Delmar)- but they ALL ship quickly - usually within TWO days and we'll send you confirmation upon shipment. Thanks for shopping with US :o) We'll work hard to earn your repeat business!
Free shipping in the USA including Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Alaska and Hawaii with your purchase of $25 in products...Shipping is $4 for orders under $25.  You can also expedite your order at checkout if you wish.  The flat fee to all countries outside the USA is either $10 or $25 depending on  your purchase total.  Depending on the weight of your item, your package may ship First Class Int'l or Priority.  When shipping first class Int'l shipping  there will be no tracking, no insurance, but we will pack and label your shipment carefully.  Thanks for shopping with us!
Looking for a gift that is a little more high end?  Browse this department then!  We thank you!
Special Gifts For The Gals... Special Gifts For The Gals...
It truly is the thought that counts...The gifts in this department aren't all electrical trades oriented, but why not buy your lady electrician, your mother, your wife, your daughter, etc. a special gift?  There's also a few items here for those who love their male electricians, for example an  "I Love My Electrician" charm or an "I Love My Engineer" charm...You'll find other gift ideas as well.
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Shopping for electrical trades gifts can be a tough job! Let us be your one-stop shop for all your electrical retirements and promotions, lineman rodeo events, safety awards, lineman apprentice and apprentice electrician graduations, lifetime achievements and life celebrations! We are loaded with gifts for electricians and electrical contractors, gift ideas for linemen, amateur radio operators and electrical engineers! Anyone who works with or STILL plays with electricity!

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