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Kershaw Electrician/Lineman Knife With Clip 1660 LEEK
Kershaw Electrician/Lineman Knife With Clip 1660 LEEK
Kershaw "Leek" Electrician/Lineman Knife with Clip 1660
Retail price: $79.95
This distinctive Kershaw knife with your choice of 3" serrated blade or 3" smooth blade (7" overall) by designer Ken Onion, is sure to be a hit with your favorite lineman or electrician!  The Journeyman knife is made in the USA and has all the other features your electrical tradesman could want, including the clip!  A GREAT holiday gift for electricians or power linemen!
Kershaw Journeyman Knife With Clip 1660 LEEK
Summary:  3" smooth blade or 3" serrated blade (total length 7" opened), pocket clip, made in the USA. The serrated edge is great for wire stripping!)
SPECS:   Steel:  Sandvik 13C26 stainless-steel Handle:  410 stainless-steel Blade:  3" Closed:  4"
FEATURES: SpeedSafe® technology is designed to be safe and secure. The blade opens ONLY when the user manually deploys it using either the thumb stud or Index-Open protrusion. Once deployed, a locking system secures the blade in position so that it cannot close accidentally. When releasing the lock, the blade does not snap shut due to
resistance provided by the torsion bar.
  • The Kershaw pocket clip is just that, a pocket clip. It is not to be worn on the belt, as this can be an unsafe way to carry your knife. It is meant to be clipped with the handle on the inside of your pocket and the clip is on the outside of your pants.  It is removable and also reversible.
  • This is a new innovation for the knife industry and Kershaw has patented this, so it is theirs exclusively. The Stud Lock is for keeping your knife locked in the open position.
    It is an extremely secure lock that has 3 points of lock up. It is one of the strongest locks we manufacture. It can also be used for one hand opening of the blade. This knife also features the back lock, the frame lock and the locking liner.
  • The thumb stub is a knob, disc, or an attachment to the blade near the handle of this folding knife that allows the user to open the knife using one hand. .
  • Full tang construction.  The inside construction of the handle and the portion where the blade connects to the handle on a fixed blade knife is called the Tang. Full Tang is the strongest type of construction on a fixed blade knife and is apparent when steel is exposed all the way around the outer edge of the handle and sometimes protrudes out the end.


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