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== ** ON SALE ** == Party Supplies - GOT POWER? == SAFETY Decals

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Glass Light Bulb Candy Jar Container - FOUR Sizes!
Glass Light Bulb Candy Jar Container - FOUR Sizes!
Item# N079
Glass Light Bulb Jars - Your choice of four sizes
Price: 4 1/4" Tall Jar $5.50
           5 5/8" Tall Jar $7.50
           7 1/4" Tall Jar $9.50  
           9" Tall Jar $17.95

These heavy glass light bulb jar
s are now available in four sizes! CALL FOR QUANTITY DISCOUNTS 352-522-0415 One or all of them will make an amazing and unexpected gift for your electrician, power lineman, electrical engineer or anyone who works with electricity! Give one as a valued gift for customers and employees, as well! Select your size below!

Brighten up someone's day by giving them a light bulb decanter jar! The possibilities are endless! Some suggestions from friends and customers:
  • "Throw some water/teabags in it for old fashioned iced tea outside my office door. Its warming up!"
  • "I would put thumb tacks and/or paper clips in it for our office assistant!"
  • "Replace my desk candy bowl!"
  • "I would put seashells in it along with white or blue miniature led lights."
  • "Piggy bank for my son, I'd write "for a bright future"
  • "My daughters first hair lock. Her baby teeth. Just lost first one last Saturday. Will hold more treasures as she grows. She is five now. Label is...this contains my past and will hold my future."
  • "I would love to put a terrarium in that and give it to my grandma for Mother's Day."
  • "I would put Mommies Rainy Day Jar "You Swear or Fib and the money becomes mine"
  • "Fill it with mini led Christmas lights. The saying would be "the lights stay on until he gets back home."
  • "I'd be the coolest JW on the job site! I'd put my candy/snacks in it for my lunch each day! On the outside I'd put "Lighting the way to RETIREMENT"!
  • "I would put a note to my wife saying "It's date night" in it. With the "I turn you on, literally" inscribed in the bulb.
  • "A special gift for a special person. Would attach a note saying. May this brighten your day like you brighten the world."

Order two small light bulb jars and turn them into salt & pepper shakers, as each jar has a small hole in the top! Order two medium lightbulb jars and turn them into oil & vinegar decanters! The small hole in the top of each screw on lid makes them perfect for that! Note that the large jar also has a hole at the top, but the Med/Large jar does not.

Small Jar Dimensions:

  • Full Diameter: 2 1/4"
  • Mouth Diameter: 5/8"
  • Height: 4 1/4"
  • Liquid weight 3.7 oz

Medium Jar Dimensions:

  • Full Diameter: 2 3/4"
  • Mouth Diameter: 9/16"
  • Height: 5 5/8"
  • Liquid weight 7.6 oz

Med/Lg Jar Dimensions: 

  • Full Diameter: 3 1/2"
  • Mouth Diameter 1"
  • Height: 7"
  • Liquid weight 13.35 oz

Large Jar Dimensions: 

  • Diameter: 4 1/2"
  • Mouth Diameter 1"
  • Height: 9"
  • Liquid weight 27 oz

If you would like to order the small light bulb candy jar in bulk, please go to this page:

These large glass light bulb jars are perfect for your holiday get-togethers! Order two for Oil & Vinegar decanters!
Select Your size: 
Gift Tag for Electrical Themed Gifts - Laminated - Several Choices
Gift Tag for Electrical Themed Gifts - Laminated - Several Choices
Item# GC022
Laminated Gift Tag - I love you a WATT! and more!

Your choice of several electrical themed gift tags! These gift tags are super cute, hole punched and laminated.
They also include a white ribbon for attaching to your gift.  These gift tags for electricians, electrical engineers, linemen and others in the electrical trades measure 3.25" tall by 2.25" wide. Please select your choice in the drop down fields below.
Set of TWO Glass Light Bulb jars for S & P Shakers or whatever!
Set of TWO Glass Light Bulb jars for S & P Shakers or whatever!
Item# N012
Two Glass Light Bulb Jar Container for Candy or S & P Shakers
Here is another "bright" gift idea from TNT Electrical Trades Gift Store!  If you are ordering large quantities then >>>

Buy 12 or more of this item for $7.95 each
Buy 24 or more of this item for $6.95 each

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