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NEC 2008 Need to Know Book - K.J. Keller $30.00
NEC 2008 Need to Know Book - K.J. Keller $30.00
Item# MH-0071508457
NEC 2008 Need To Know Book by K.J. Keller
Price: $30.00 Includes Shipping
NEC Essentials at your fingertips!  The 20% of the CODE you need 80% of the time! Published 2008, 268 pages, paperback.Turn to NEC® 2008 Need to Know for quick access to vital National Electrical Code® (NEC®) information that you need. This expert resource explains and interprets key material from the first four chapters of the NEC®, including general installation requirements…branch circuits…feeders…services…overcurrent protection …grounding…conductors…conduits…cables…fixture wiring…switches… receptacles…lighting…motors…a/c and refrigeration…and generators—plus critical tables from Chapter 9.

Packed with on-target illustrations, this essential compliance tool contains calculations and formulas commonly used to determine conduit and conductor sizes, required ampacities, adjustment multipliers, and electrical loads. The NEC® 2008 Need to Know  also presents a listing of specialty topics such as Emergency Systems, Communications, and Special Occupancy, as well as a cross-reference table with types of installations and where to find applicable Code. Designed to save time and money, reduce errors, and increase safety, NEC® 2008 Need To Know features:

    • Clear explanations and interpretations of in-demand NEC® information • Commonly used calculations and formulas • A listing of specialty topics keyed to applicable Code • A handy cross-reference table for quick access to crucial material

Inside This On-the-Job Guide to Vital NEC® Information

• General Requirements for Electrical Installations • Branch Circuits and Feeders • Branch Circuit Feeders & Service Calculations and Electric Services • Overcurrent Protection and Transformers • Grounding and Bonding • Wiring Methods • Conductors • Boxes and Cablebus • Lighting Requirements • Motors • Refrigeration and A/C • Generators • Understanding and Applying NEC® Chapter 9 Tables • Code Locations and References for Additional Codes • Appendixes

National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, National Electrical Code, NEC, NFPA 70, and NFPA 70E are registered trademarks of the National Fire Protection Association. All NFPA trademarks are the official property of the National Fire protection Association. NEC® 2008 Need to Know is not affiliated with, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the National Fire Protection Association.

NEC® 2008 Need to Know  Table of contents

Chapter 1. General Requirements for Electrical Installations
Chapter 2. Branch Circuits and Feeders
Chapter 3. Branch Circuit Feeders and Service Calculations (NEC 220) and Electric Services (NEC 230)
Chapter 4. Electric Services and Overcurrent Protection
Chapter 5. Grounding and Bonding
Chapter 6. Wiring Methods
Chapter 7. Conductors
Chapter 8. Boxes, Cables, Conduits, Wireways and Raceways
Chapter 9. Switches and Lighting Requirements
Chapter 10. Motor and Overload Branch Circuit Protection
Chapter 11. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Chapter 12. Generators and Transformers
Chapter 13. Understanding NEC Chapter 9 Tables
Chapter 14. Code Locations and References for Additional Codes
Appendix: Reference Material

Biographical note

K. J. Keller is currently the CAD Designer, Safety & Compliance Director, and Project Coordinator for one of New England's most prominent electrical contractors. With over 30 years in the construction industry, she has been a journeyman plumber, has worked in both remodeling and new construction, and has extensive experience in residential and commercial general contracting and the plumbing and electrical trades. Ms. Keller is the co-author of McGraw-Hill's Electrician's Exam Study Guide.

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