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Item# DVD011
Slim the Lineman DVD - Digitally Remastered

Brand New Slim the Lineman DVD - Digitally remastered from Warner Brother's Studio, shrink wrapped, 2012.  Warner Brother has a new image for the DVD, but it's still the same good ole' SLIM THE LINEMAN movie that you've always wanted to watch or give as a gift.
  • Rated: Not Rated
  • Run Time: 1 hours, 25 minutes
  • Video: Black & White
  • Released: February 16, 2012
  • Originally Released: 1937
  • Label: Warner Archives
  • Encoding: Region 0 (Worldwide)
  • Aspect Ratio: Full Frame
Everyone's heard of Slim the Lineman movie right?  Well if you haven't seen it you are in for a thrill...this is one of those eye-opening movies that everyone needs to see, whether you are a lineman or not.  The risks and dangers faced in those early days really make you appreciate the progress unions and power companies have shown when it comes to safety.  You will be on the edge of your seats watching these linemen work through a powerful blizzard -- no just have to see it.  We love our linemen customers (and their families) at TNT Electrical Trades Gift Store and we REALLY want to bring you those special gifts for the special linemen in your life.
SLIM THE LINEMAN - A WARNER BROS. PICTURE.This movie documents how the electrical lineman's job and language have evolved and yet still remains the same in much of the terminology from the 1930s to today. 
Henry Fonda makes his debut in this movie and plays Slim Kincaid, a farm boy from the southern United States. As he is plowing the fields on his family's farm he stops to watch a crew of linemen erecting transmission towers across the property. He finally asks them for a job and is hired as a groundman. His partners on the job are Clarence Stump (aka Stumpy)(Stuart Erwin), another groundman, and Red Blayd (Pat O'Brien), an experienced lineman who takes Slim under his wing. 
Slim wins over the respect of the other linemen when he helps them in a fight during a poker game against some people from out of town who are trying to cheat them out of their money. Slim then advances in the job to become a lineman himself. Foreman Red teaches him all he needs and soon they become friends. When they are fired because they protected their boss in a case when another worker died by falling from a mast because he was drunk, they go to Chicago, where they spend their money and visit Red's girl friend, Cally.
The two then head to New Mexico in search of another job. They are hired, only to find that one of the linemen on the job, Wilcox (Joe Sawyer), is an old acquaintance of Red's and the two harbor a dislike of each other. Wilcox sees Red and Slim as competition to his own desire to be promoted to foreman, and one day stabs Slim on the job. The other linemen chase Wilcox off the job site while Slim recovers in the hospital. The nurse from Chicago (Cally) visits Slim and tries to talk him out of line work, saying it is too dangerous. Slim however recovers and returns to work.
The job in New Mexico finished, Slim and Red then head to a new job in New York City to find that Stumpy and their old boss Pop (J. Farrell MacDonald) are both on the crew there. During a blizzard, the crew is called to a substation to restore power, working near 88,000 volts of power, where Red falls to his death. The nurse makes the trip from Chicago to New York to visit Slim and once again try to talk him out of line work, leaving Slim to face the choice between his job and his girl. Slim carries on with his job because "that's what matters".
Movie Details
Title: Slim
Produced: 1937
Running Time: 80 Minutes
Black and White
Country: USA
Genre: Melodrama
Production Credits
Director - Ray Enright
Producer - Hal B. Wallis
Cinematographer - Sidney Hickox
Associate Producer - Sam Bischoff
Musical Direction/Supervision - Leo F. Forbstein
Special Effects - Byron Haskin
Composer (Music Score) - Max Steiner
Book Author - William Wister Haines
Costume Designer - Howard Shoup
Screenwriter - William Wister Haines
Acting Credits
Henry Fonda - Slim (the lineman :o)
Pat O'Brien - Red
Margaret Lindsay - Cally
Stuart Erwin - Stumpy
Jane Wyman - Stumpy's girl
Dick Purcell - Tom
Joseph Sawyer - Wilcox
Craig Reynolds - Gambler
John Litel - Wyatt Ranstead
Harlan Tucker - Lafe Garretson
Childrens DVD Electricity & Electric Safety HOW THINGS WORK
Childrens DVD Electricity & Electric Safety HOW THINGS WORK
Item# DVD003
How Things Work KIDS DVD Electricity and Electrical Safety
Price: $11.95
From the Children's DVD Encyclopedia! TELL ME WHY -- How things work....Electricity and Electrical Safety.  This DVD features two great educational episodes with bonus DVD features including a trivia quiz, chapter selection and additional amazing facts.  Click on the image for more details, please >>>
DVD Prequel to Slim the Lineman: CRASHING THROUGH DANGER
DVD Prequel to Slim the Lineman: CRASHING THROUGH DANGER
Item# DVD002
Crashing Through Danger DVD

This is the prequel movie to the more well-known Slim the Lineman! 1938 B&W 61 minutes. Happy-go-lucky power pole linemen Torchy, Slim and Eddie maintain the city's electrical system despite rain, heat and gloom of night -- but it's on the ground, when a girl enters the picture, that >>>
Lineman Movie: MANPOWER DVD Get it Here! 1941
Lineman Movie: MANPOWER DVD Get it Here! 1941
Item# DVD005
Manpower DVD Utility Company Movie - B&W 1941

Another great movie about utility company workers starring Edward G. Robinson and Marlene Dietrich! Iconic screen tough guys Edward G. Robinson and George Raft square off for hard-hitting drama, portraying utility company workers tough enough to defy death and each other while working power lines more treacherous than snakes. >>>
Living in a Linemans World Music CD... BY CHICK HERRIN
Living in a Linemans World Music CD... BY CHICK HERRIN
The Singing Lineman - Livin' in a Lineman's World CD
Price $10.95

If you had to choose one gift for your power lineman what would it be? May we suggest this wonderful CD by an electrical lineman - Chick Herrin!
Storm Soldiers II DVD: Lineman Movie STOCKING STUFFER!
Storm Soldiers II DVD: Lineman Movie STOCKING STUFFER!
Item# DVD006
Storm Soldiers II: The Movie
Storm Soldiers II is the second in the series of Storm Soldiers movies. It is a story about the linemen and the industry's impact on their lives and families. This DVD includes the DVD/Blu-Ray Pack. Click on image for more information.
TOUGHER IN ALASKA Electric Lineman DVD: Tougher in Alaska
TOUGHER IN ALASKA Electric Lineman DVD: Tougher in Alaska
Item# DVD001
Electric Lineman DVD by the History Channel A&E
This GREAT gift for your electric lineman is professionally filmed by the A&E crew at the History Channel, where history is made every day!  Filmed in 2008, this film is approximately 50 minutes total. This ELECTRIC LINEMAN DVD, Things are Tougher in Alaska, is new and shrink wrapped in the original packaging.  If you are looking for a gift that will entertain >>>
Wichita Lineman Music CD - Glen Campbell
Wichita Lineman Music CD - Glen Campbell
Item# N038
Wichita Lineman Music Cd
Price:  $11.95
Wichita Lineman Music CD by Glen Campbell, now digitally remastered! You loved it will love it even more now.  The Wichita Lineman song is not one easily forgotten.  "Wichita Lineman" is one of his best-remembered albums for several reasons.  It's a much >>>

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