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Wichita Lineman Music CD - Glen Campbell
Wichita Lineman Music CD - Glen Campbell
Item# N038
Wichita Lineman Music Cd
Price:  $11.95
Wichita Lineman Music CD, now digitally remastered! You loved it will love it now.  The Wichita Lineman song is not one easily forgotten.  "Wichita Lineman" is one of his best-remembered albums for several reasons.  It's a much revered classic among classics. The line "...and I need you more than want you, and I want you for all time" is one of the all-time great romantic lyrics. you may want to consider adding this WICHITA LINEMAN disc to your's well worth the price just to have "Wichita Lineman" (along with the other tracks on this cd)...
Other songs include: 
  • Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay
  • Dreams of the Everyday Housewife
  • The Straight Life
  • You'd Better Sit Down Kids
  • Reason to Believe
  • If You Go Away
  • Fate of Man
  • Words
  • Ann

Lyrics for Song: Wichita Lineman

I am a lineman for the county.
And I drive the mainroad.
Lookin' in the sun for another overload.

I hear you singing in the wire. Chorus 1
I can hear you thru the whine.
And the Wichita Lineman,
is still on the line.

I know I need a small vacation.
But it don't look like rain.
And if it snows, that stretch down south,
won't ever stand the strain.

And I need you more than want you. Chorus 2
And I want you for all time.
And the Wichita Lineman,
is still on the line.
(Lead, then Repeat last chorus)

Watch Glen sing the Wichita Lineman back when the song was originally published:

Watch the one of the most recent music videos of Glen signing Wichita Lineman at YouTube:
Living in a Linemans World Music CD... BY CHICK HERRIN
Living in a Linemans World Music CD... BY CHICK HERRIN
The Singing Lineman - Livin' in a Lineman's World CD
Price $10.95

If you had to choose one gift for your power lineman what would it be? May we suggest this wonderful CD by an electrical lineman - Chick Herrin!
Item# DVD011
Slim the Lineman DVD - Ready for Gift Giving

New Slim the Lineman DVD - Digitally remastered from Warner Brother's Studio, shrink wrapped, 2012. Warner Brother has a new image for the DVD, but it's still the same SLIM THE LINEMAN movie that you've always wanted to watch or give as a gift.
TOUGHER IN ALASKA Electric Lineman DVD: Tougher in Alaska
TOUGHER IN ALASKA Electric Lineman DVD: Tougher in Alaska
Item# DVD001
Electric Lineman DVD by the History Channel A&E
This GREAT gift for your electric lineman is professionally filmed by the A&E crew at the History Channel, where history is made every day!  Filmed in 2008, this film is approximately 50 minutes total. This ELECTRIC LINEMAN DVD, Things are Tougher in Alaska, is new and shrink wrapped in the original packaging.  If you are looking for a gift that will entertain >>>

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