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== SAFETY Decals == Electrical Themed Christmas Ornaments == Party Supplies - GOT POWER? == ** ON SALE **

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Ham Radio Operator Christmas Ornaments - YOUR CHOICE
Ham Radio Operator Christmas Ornaments - YOUR CHOICE
ORN013 - Your Choice
Amateur Radio Christmas Tree Ornaments
Exclusive Amateur Radio Operator Christmas Ornaments only from TNT Electrical Trades Gift Store!  Our ham radio Christmas tree ornaments will make great gifts, are made of porcelain and are almost 3" in diameter. Your choice of several styles for the ham radio enthusiast!
Item#ORN013-1 CQ
CQ CQ CQ De Santa Transmitting Greetings.  This unique ornament depicts a vintage santa transmitting greetings with his vintage radio equipment!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.  Morse code around the perimeter also relays the same greeting!
This ornament will make your Hallicrafter tinkerer very happy! This ornament is styled after the Hallicrafter's logo of yesteryear. Truly a nice keepsake for Hallicrafter lovers.Item# ORN013-2 Halliball
Check out your ham radio operator's equipment on the workbench.  Does he have a piece of Hallicrafters?  Then order him this and he will surely be surprised! This is a vintage logo representing the Hallicrafters equipment.  * See note below...
A vibrant and colorful Christmas tree ornament for a ham radio operator that you think is the GREATEST! Measures almost 3Item# ORN013-3 WGHAM
World's Greatest Ham Radio Operator!  This radio antenna is very vibrant and sure to please the greatest ham radio operator that you know.
A wonderful radio antenna adorned with a cascade of Christmas cheer! Morse code included at no extra charge! Item# ORN013-4
Morse Code Antenna  This ornament reflects Merry Christmas 2008 in Morse Code below the antenna and around the perimeter:  Transmitting greetings of cheer to friends and family, both far and near, this holiday season.
Ham Radio Christmas Ornament depicting three glowing radio tubes nestled in a cedar tree....warm memories of Christmas' past for our ham radio friends!Item# ORN013-5 Radio Tube Ornament
Warm Memories of Christmas' Past....
Beautifully detailed and amazing to look at..sure to be a treasured keepsake gift.
This amateur radio Christmas ornament is made of porcelain and measures 3 Item# ORN013-6
Ham Santa
Merry Christmas OM and Happy New Year! 88's from an OW
(ladies who aren't hams: OM is "old man" and OW is "old woman" and 88's is hugs and kisses of course! :o) Santa's in front of his ham equipment!
Amateur Radio Christmas Tree Ornaments - HAM IT UP! Made of Ceramic and about 2.75" in diameter.Item# ORN013-7
Amateur Radio...  A Natural Resource...
Ham It Up!
Norad Tracks Santa...a wonderful piece of history for your ham radio operator!Item# ORN013-8
Norad Tracks Santa...
A beautiful ornament with a vintage feel...
* Item# ORN013-2 Halliball:  This is a TWO-SIDED amaeur radio ornament!  On the reverse is a cascade of Christmas greens.  It also has a famous quote by Mr. Halligan himself: "Man's desire to communicate still offers our best opportunity to achieve peace on earth and goodwill towards all mankind."  William Halligan, December, 1959

Select if you would like a black velvet gift bag for $1
No thank you...  
Yes, please...  (+$1.00)
Select which ornament do you prefer? 
Amateur Radio Christmas Greeting Cards  - Ham Radio Cards
Amateur Radio Christmas Greeting Cards - Ham Radio Cards
Ham Radio Christmas Greeting Cards
Price: $1.95 or less

"Wandering down memories of Christmas' past"  Amateur Radio Operator Christmas greeting cards...just in time for the holidays!  Purchase one card or a hundred (or more) - custom text for quantities of 10+ cards Quantity discounts as shown.  Please click on the image to see our larger images and to learn more about our  line of Christmas cards for ham radio operators! 

Buy 1 or more of this item for $1.95 each
Buy 25 or more of this item for $1.75 each
Buy 50 or more of this item for $1.60 each
Buy 100 or more of this item for $1.45 each
Electrician Contractor Tool Box Christmas Tree Ornament
Electrician Contractor Tool Box Christmas Tree Ornament
Item# ORN006-TB Toolbox Ornament
Wonderfully detailed Tool Box Christmas ornaments for this holiday season! Brighten your tradesman's life with an ornament depicting the tools of his trade! These resin Christmas ornaments are >>>

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