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Whether your trying to understand the basics of impedance or perhaps just came in via another web search term, we're happy your're here! Take a look around our site while you're here! We offer over 200 unique gifts for electrical tradesmen!

Understanding the Basics (and more) of Impedance Matching!

For more information on Impedance and our AC Ohm's Law Wheel with Z Impedance Formulas, (and unique resistor band color chart) please go to our Impedance Basics page.

Hello!  We've spent hours scouring the web trying to find good content sites to help you in your studies and research, so I hope that you find these to be of use for you! We would appreciate you telling your friends and coworkers about our Ohm's law watches, clocks, decals, charts and our newest product - a beautiful 2" copper Ohm's law coin.  We thank you! 

Sandford Associates:    **Recognized specialists in the TOTAL service and calibration of the HP4815A RF Vector Impedance Meter - restoring 4815A Probes and Main Frames to their original factory specifications.

Agilent Technologies: has an Interactive Impedance Matching Model on this web page.  In this model, Smith Charts are used to visualize the interactive process of impedance matching. You can also play "The Impedance Matching Game" here. 

D. Jefferies :The Smith Chart - what is it?  What are main advantages of the Smith Chart?  A note on the precision of the Smith Chart. Why is one circuit on the Smith Chart only half a wavelength? 

BCAE1.com :This website is really fantastic.  A great piece on Impedance Matching Transformers and there's a useful impedance calculator tool also. 

Elliott Sound Products:  A good explanation of impedance matching in sound products.

http://www.smeter.net/feeding/l_tuner.php : FREE self-contained software for Impedance Transforming L-Networks. The L-network is defined in this program as an impedance transformer.

http://www.smeter.net/feeding/t_tuner.php : FREE self-contained software for Impedance Transforming T-Networks - Antenna Tuner Applications. This program can be used to design antenna tuning and similar networks to cover given ranges of load resistance and reactance. It is usual for both capacitors to be continuously variable. The inductor L may be variable or band-switched.

ePanorama :  This document tries to clear out some details of transmission lines and cable inductance. This document is only a brief introduction to those topics, but it covers issues such as "What are typical cable impedances?", "Why 50ohm coax?",  "What happens if I use 50 ohm cable for video application which needs 75 ohm cable ?", "Impedance matching between different impedances".

D. Jefferies:  Single Stub Matching of Transmission Lines to Loads. A Worked Example.

Dallas Semiconductor : Has a great article on "Impedance Matching and the Smith Chart:  The Fundamentals". Type Impedance Matching in their search field when you get there...The Smith chart is still the basic tool for determining transmission-line impedances. The primary objectives of this article are to review the Smith chart's construction and background, and to summarize the practical ways it is used. Topics addressed include practical illustrations of parameters, such as finding matching network component values. Of course, matching for maximum power transfer is not the only thing we can do with Smith charts. They can also help the designer with such tasks as optimizing for the best noise figures, ensuring quality factor impact, and assessing stability analysis.

Impedance:   Why not visit our other impedance page for more useful info?

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