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Item #0531 DC or AC Formulas Steinmetz - Seiko Movement
Charles Steinmetz DC Ohms law or AC Ohms Law Wristwatch - FREE SHIPPING

Minimum purchase six pcs...please allow three weeks for delivery. Additional quantity discounts shown below.
Charles Steinmetz DC (with Resistance formulas) or AC (with Impedance formulas) Ohms law wristwatch (Seiko movement) featuring a black leather band or a gold tone stretch band and your choice of gold tone or silver tone bezel (silver not shown but looks just like the gold.  Named after Charles Steinmetz, who developed theories on alternating current in the late 1800's. (Please go all the way to the bottom to make your selection of AC or DC formulas,  on the dial.)
"It's a big day for your son, daughter, nephew, brother....he's just graduated from electrical trades school or has just received his journeymanship or master electrician license.  Acknowledge him for his success and new status and let him know how impressed you are with this fine gift for his trade!"
Your choice of AC Alternating Current (shown to the LEFT-- think Z formulas for Impedance wristwatch) OR the basic R - Resistance Ohms law and Joule's formulas (shown on the bottom left) which we like to refer to as our DC formulas.

Generally the AC watches make a great gift for those needing the more advanced ohms law formulas, including master electricians, electrical engineers and journeyman linemen. Generally, the DC formulas are used by apprentice electricians, electricians, linemen, electronic techs using lower voltage. If unique is what you seek, then please read on to learn more about our Steinmetz Ohms power wheel watch. These Ohm's law watches make SUPER electrical retirement gifts and electrical graduation gifts - so order your unique and useful gift today!

DC OHMS LAW FORMULAS*Each watch comes nicely packaged in a silver gift tin.
*In addition to the Ohms law formulas, each watch includes our resistor color band chart on the dial, which is very handy -- and makes for a great conversation piece!
* This Ohms law wristwatch includes Seiko movement, with lifetime warranty!
* 30-day Money back guarantee --  you'll be very pleased with this Ohms law watch!*
* Stainless steel with Water resistant polished alloy casing.
* Dial face measures 1" in diameter.
* Give your work an air of professionalism - combine style and function!

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Select which formulas you prefer:
DC Ohms Law Formulas  
AC Ohms Law Formulas  
Select your bezel:
Gold Tone as shown  
Silver Tone  
Select your wristband:
Black Leather Band  
Gold Tone Band  

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