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Test Your Electrical Code Knowledge by following one of the the links below for FREE self-guided quizzes on the National Electrical Code NEC, and other subjects as noted: 
Electrician Education Quizzes: (scroll to middle of page for the practice tests)  This site is about license exam preparation, professional development, National Electrical Code, self study, workbooks, classes, courses, practice exams, tutoring, online diagnostic exam, and electrician technical literacy.
- Random Theory Quiz
- NEC Random Question Code Quiz
- NEC Understanding the NEC, Volume 1 Textbook Quiz
- Understanding the NEC, Volume 2 Textbook Quiz
- Grounding versus Bonding Seminar Quiz
- Grounding versus Bonding Textbook Quiz
- Low Voltage and Power Limited Systems Textbook Quiz
- Exam Prep Textbook Quiz
- Journeyman Simulated Exams
- Master / Contractor Simulated Exams
- Estimating Textbook Quiz

2005 NEC Electrician Practice Quiz - 20 Questions with automatic answers.
2005 NEC Review:
2008 NEC Electrician Practice Quiz

This test from AutoShop101 gives you a 25 question test, with answers and explanations. No waiting for results!

At the learning pit you will find 20 lengthy quizzes, with immediate answers by entering your name and then getting the results. Test your knowledge of basic electrical codes for FREE. Free Quiz for electricians who enjoy testing their knowledge by taking electrical exams. Visit today!
Online interactive learning for the following - when you click the link above, just go to the home page and you'll find the other links there. Links offering the following free tutorials and quizzes which test your knowledge through online interactive exams! 
- Basic DC Theory Exams and Quizzes
- Basic Electrical Code - Free Electrical Code Quiz
- Intermediate Electrical Code - Exam Quiz
Advanced Electrical Code
- Basic Electrical Prints - Test your knowledge
- Intermediate Electrical Prints - Quiz and tutorial
- Advanced Electrical Prints - test your knowledge!

** is a site that is being built to provide 1000's of free questions. You can select the categories that you need to study so as to customize your practice test. Q & A to help you pass your Journeyman Electrician's test, pass a state or local test, and become more proficient at work! Check it out. 

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