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Ladies T-Shirts - Linemans Lady or Electrician Wife!
Ladies T-Shirts - Linemans Lady or Electrician Wife!
Out Of Stock
Fnished in the USA by TNT here in Florida!Item# TS022
Junior or Reg Cut Ladies "I PLAY WITH ELECTRICITY" T-Shirt OR
Junior or Reg Cut Ladies "LIL' APPRENTICE" T-Shirt

Junior-cut or Reg-cut "DANGER I PLAY WITH ELECTRICITY" OR "DANGER LIL' APPRENTICE" T-Shirts for lineman's ladies or electrician's gals....  Just like the children t's we offer but sized for ladies who wear the junior size M - L - XL, or those who would prefer the guy-cut Bayside T's. 

The Tultex Fine Jersey JUNIOR t-shirts have a snug-to-the-body fit.  Perfect for catching the attention of all them big bad linemen and electricians! 

The Bayside USA brand is guy-cut for the ladies who like a roomy fit.  We think it would be kind of fun for you to wear it as a present and then slip it off and give it to your guy to wear :o)  Wouldn't that make a nice gift? 

Have fun wearing your screen-printed t-shirt - where you can only find it here!  Thanks for shopping with us! OH, and don't forget your party construction hats and street signs which we also sell here in our store!

NOTE:  The Lil' Apprentice t'shirt is just like the one shown here but with those words instead! Checkout below for the children's will get an idea of what yours will look like.

 These would also be fun for in the office - how cool would that be?  or for the rodeos?

Also please note:  Our model is wearing the junior's size medium...these run small, so order the medium if you are on the small size and the large if you are medium and so on and so forth.

"Hi Anne - Just wanted to let you know that I received my partial shipment and am VERY pleased with everything!  I took the stuff over to my son and he and his family were thrilled with their surprise.  They're all looking forward to wearing the t-shirts at the party on Saturday.  The quality of the t-shirts is much better than I'd hoped for, and the flag and decals were perfect.  Thanks so much!" Bev W., Grand Haven, MI

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Lineman Climbing Tattoos - Very Cool!!
Lineman Climbing Tattoos - Very Cool!!
Item# N015
Lineman Climbing Removeable Tattoos
Proudly made in the USA and marked on the back!Here's a fun inexpensive gift for the power lineman - you or your friends!  A lineman tattoo, measuring 1.75" tall...Proudly made in the USA...marked on the back as such, also! (other linemen can cut the words off and just use the lineman image!!)   It sure is a good conversation >>>

Buy 100 or more of this item for $0.15 each
Buy 500 or more of this item for $0.12 each
Linemans Lady Temporary Arm BandTattoo
Linemans Lady Temporary Arm BandTattoo
Item# N056
Linemans Lady Temporary Arm Band Tattoo
Price: .25

Made in the USA!This 1x6 Linemans Lady Temporary Tattoo for your upper arm, lower back, etc. is very hip - it's done in an "inked tattoo" style and is very realistic! 
Simply rest a wet cloth >>>
Linemans Wife or Linemans Lady T-Shirt Tees
Linemans Wife or Linemans Lady T-Shirt Tees
Item# TSL003
Lineman's Wife or Lineman's Lady T-Shirts
Price: $13.50

The t-shirt is not made in the USA, but it has been finished here in the USA, by our company in FloridaYour choice of two fun silk-screened t-shirts for the ladies or wives of power linemen! We are now adding a lineman climbing on the front of these tees!  >>>

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