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Uncle Festers Trick Light Bulb- MAGIC LIGHTBULB $9.75
Uncle Festers Trick Light Bulb- MAGIC LIGHTBULB $9.75
Item# N022
Uncle Fester's Trick Magic Light Bulb
Price: $9.75
Another "bright idea" from TNT's Electrical Trades Gift Store! Oh what fun you will have with this trick light bulb (MAGIC LIGHTBULB) just like Uncle Fester use to use on the Adams Family - remember? Like magic the trick magic light bulb lights up in your hand or in your ear or at the snap of your fingers. It's a hoot! This Uncle Fester's trick lightbulb looks identical to any regular lamp bulb you (or uncle fester) would use. It's very nice quality - looks like the real thing..feels like it too - EXCEPT HEAVIER WEIGHT GLASS! We tried it out here at the office and we had a lot of fun with it!
It's very easy to operate...the battery is inside the REAL (but durable....thicker than normal) magic lightbulb. You simply use your ring or a piece of foil to make the connection (touching both the bottom and the side with the foil or conductor) and ta-da!! Like magic, the light bulb magically lights up. And we're not talking a dim light here...this is the real thing..soft light bulb though - so you can't see the innards! This is way too much fun! Put together a gift basket while you're in our store and don't forget to include this present in it!
Makes a unique and fun light bulb gift for anyone who works with or STILL plays with electricity!
ADDED BONUS! When you are done "playing" with your Uncle Fester's magic light bulb...put it aside for emergencies. You simply carry your light around with you! How cool is that? No electricity for those power outages? No problem! You could also have fun in the theaters with this...think of the possibilities! You could walk up on someone in a party! Ladies...walk up to your lineman or electrician and tell him "You light up my life!". Now THAT is sweet! :o)
****  PLEASE NOTE ****  NEW WARNING LABEL:  Not recommended for mouth use...there is a side warning on the label that the solder point has lead...Prior to shipping, your light bulb will be inspected for cracks, damages etc. and will be checked to make sure it works properly. Your trick light bulb will be packaged very carefully prior to shipping, for protection, however you may opt for shipping insurance, because once it leaves here we are no longer responsible. Please make your selection below.
Select Would you like the optional insurance?
No, thank you. 
Yes, thank you. ($11.75)
Electric Shock Pen - Thats Gotta Hurt - Is SHOCKING!
Electric Shock Pen - Thats Gotta Hurt - Is SHOCKING!
Item# N004
Electric Shock Pen - It's gonna hurt!
Price: $7.50
Electric Shock Pen! It's gonna hurt! This "electri-frying" pen is sure to keep you rolling in laughter - THIS SEEMINGLY HARMLESS (realistic looking) 6 INCH BALL POINT PEN PACKS A REAL CHARGE - IT'S SHOCKING! Here's how it works: When the "victim" pushes the button on top of the pen to release the point, he gets a zap! Now, we're not talking a little tingle here - we are talking a powerful zap. Go ahead and try it first!  :o) It's shocking fun!  It works on a single AA battery, which is included, so the actual voltage is really harmless.
Novelty Shocking Lighter - Electric Shock Lighter OUCH
Novelty Shocking Lighter - Electric Shock Lighter OUCH
Item# N007
Shocking Cigarette Lighter
Price: $7.80
Novelty Shocking Lighter - OUCH!! Looks and feels real! This lighter looks and feels like a high quality lighter until you press the button - not a real lighter, but who cares - it will serve the purpose and what a hoot! Remember... bring it with you when you go out for a smoke break. Item is in retail box. Operates by three single replaceable coin batteries , which are included. Lots of fun! Great for the office party! Buy it for yourself or as a great little stocking stuffer for Christmas!
Sparking Ring LOADED with Shooting Sparks!  FUN
Sparking Ring LOADED with Shooting Sparks! FUN
Item# N013
Sparkin' Ring - Shooting Sparks
Price: $7.50
Shooting Sparks Sparking Ring - no batteries needed because it's wound up.  Re-use again and again! This will be way, way, way too much fun!  It's a SPARKIN (funken)'s not a shocking ring, but it will appear that you are being zapped - sparks are sure to fly!  We're proud to say our Funken Ring is featured in 12/08 issue of CQ's Amateur Radio Magazine, by our friend Dave Ingram. Dave writes that, "The "Sparkin Ring" is a dandy (and safe) way to illustrate the stouthearted era of spark gap communications. You just wind up the small spark-producing thingie, hide it in your hand and press its release button while tapping Morse code on a loose key and sparks fly from your hand like crazy. What a hoot!" Thanks for the write-up Dave!

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