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Reddy Kilowatt Lapel or Hat Stick Pin
Reddy Kilowatt Lapel or Hat Stick Pin
Item# JEL002
Reddy Kilowatt Stick Pin - NEW Vintage
Price $11.50

Reddy Kilowatt is a friendly mascot for the electrical industry, originally created by the Alabama Power Company in 1926. Reddy represents electricity, as you can see, and he has a light bulb nose and a socket in his ear!  A GREAT piece of jewelry.  We were lucky enough to find a very nice supply of these vintage (like new) pins, so if you would like a special Reddy Kilowatt pin - in excellent condition, and gift boxed, please order today!

These are stamped on the back REDDY KILOWATT they have the "R" registered trademark, and they have the letters M.R. also stamped on the bottom. Your Reddy Kilowatt pin measures about an inch tall, has a large stick pin, and would make a great gift for any electrician or anyone who STILL plays -- or works with electricity!  NICE discounts for wholesale or quantity purchases! 
Call for quantity discounts
The Mighty Atom - Reddy Kilowatt
"I'm a busy little atom,
I split myself in two
And multiply as many times
As I have jobs to do!
I'll work for you for pennies
I'm fast, efficient, steady....
So any ease your work --
Just 'plug-in,' folks - I'm Reddy!
Your Electric Servant"

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