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AC or DC Ohms Law Formula Chart 8x11 or 11 x 14
AC or DC Ohms Law Formula Chart 8x11 or 11 x 14
Made in the USA
Item# OHMS003
8.5 x 11 Laminated AC and DC Ohms Law Formula Chart or  11 x 14 Poster (not laminated)
 As functional as they are fun to look at!  AC and/or DC Ohm's law FORMULAS CHARTS....Your choice of the AC Ohm's law power wheel or the DC Ohms law power wheel  All the Ohm's Law and Joule's power formulas you'll ever need - including our handy resistor band color chart!
Professional 8.5" x 11" or larger 11 x 14 posters. Ohm's law power wheel charts! A great piece of art for your shop! A valuable resource for electrical and electronics teaching classrooms, workshops, offices, electrical supply houses - Feel the excitement!  Just three hole punch these Ohms law power wheel charts and you can slip them into your binders (input field below).  Many uses! Order your Ohm's Law "Magic Wheel" formulas / equations here!  
  • The Ohm's law charts are 8.5" X 11 heavy cardstock - The larger 11 x 14 size are printed on high gloss paper. Your choice of the AC Ohm's law formulas or the DC Ohm's law formulas - or save and order both our AC and DC Ohm's law power wheel charts - have fun explaining the differences to your students (or NOT, depending on how much time you have available!!).  Inspire them to pursue their electrical career further!

  • Order your Ohm's law power charts today!  Read about our unique resistor band color chart (where color is the key) by reading below...
Idea:  Post the Ohm's law chart in the installation bay and you can point out to the installer trainees how Ohm's law relates to the chart in the task they are working on. You can also use the chart to help you with current draw, wire sizes, and about anything else electrical while installing.
AC Ohm's Law Power Wheel Chart***TechNote for resistor band values color card or chart:***

An easy explanation of  our "Magic Wheel" or "Power Wheel"  resistor band color chart  is included right on the chart! But follow the link to read in more detail about its collaboration of colors :o)DC Ohm's Law Power Wheel Chart

Our Ohm's law decal and chart products are great for ham radio operators,  students studying electronics or electrical theory, electrician's, troubleshooters, engineers,  apprentices, master electrician's, electrical contractors, college classrooms, and anyone in the electrical  and electronics fields!  We hope you find our products helpful in the office and in the field. 

For more information on Resistors and Resistor Band Color Codes, Please go to our Resistor page: RESISTOR PAGE 

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Select Which formulas you prefer
DC Ohm's Law Formulas 8.5 x 11  
AC Ohm's Law Formulas 8.5 x 11  
DC Ohm's Law Formulas 11 x 14  ($8.95)
AC Ohm's Law Formulas 11 x 14  ($8.95)
Send both charts 8.5 x 11"  ($1.75)
Send both charts 11 x 14  ($16.95)

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