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Where Eagles Dare - Sculpture Statue STUNNING!
Where Eagles Dare - Sculpture Statue STUNNING!
The perfect gift for your retiring lineman! Truly a work of art!Item# MG1240
Where Eagles Dare Electric Lineman Statue - by Michael Garman
Retail Price: $375 OUR PRICE $375 WITH FREE SHIPPING

This stunning power lineman sculpture, created by Michael Garman's studio in Colorado Springs, is made in the USA and sized at a very large 14.75" x 14.5". It sits on a walnut base and is hand-painted.

We now have two options for the plate, the one as shown "Where Eagles Dare" or "Courage to Serve". Make your choice below.

This lineman has the courage to climb “Where Eagles Dare”!  Celebrate the American heroes that power our homes and lives with this handmade sculpture by Michael Garman Studios in Colorado Springs, CO. It would make a heirloom quality gift for any lineman, manager, a retiree or someone very special.

Our price includes shipping. If you aren't in a huge rush, you can include the wedge and engraving plate for an additional $30. The wedge is attached with a metal rod and the engraving plate set on the wedge prior to shipping. Please add an additional 3-5 business days for the engraving plate. 

There are personalization options for your sculpture such as skin tone, hair color, clothes colors, logo, name etc. You can get all the changes you want for a flat fee of $80. That includes hair color, skin color, shirt and pants, hardhat with name or logo, name on shirt. Please see below. We are charging a flat fee as our shopping cart has limitations. So if you need only one change, the fee is $80 -- might as well get everything done at once. We are offering free shipping. SEE BELOW FOR OPTIONS

Select if you would like wedge and engraving plate included
YES  (+$30.00)
Select plate desired for wooden base
Select Select Custom/Personalized Items:
No additional customization needed. Ship as shown.  
Custom Paint head to toe everything noted below or less  (+$75.00)
Custom shirt and pants color. Include name for shirt:
Custom skin tone if not Caucasian: NOTE: Latino or African American light or dark skin
Custom Hair color, i.e. light brown, medium or dark brown
Custom Paint - Hardhat color if not White
Company/Utility name for logo for helmet. We have 100s of logos available, if we need yours we will let you know, or you can just reply to your order confirmation with your logo.
Add any other info or notes here please, such as date needed, etc.

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