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ON THE AIR Radio Neon Blue Light Sign - Ham Radio -Communications Gift
ON THE AIR Radio Neon Blue Light Sign - Ham Radio -Communications Gift
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Item# N061
Amateur Radio/Communications "On The Air"  Sign Neon Blue Light Art
Perhaps the coolest wall art ever created for ham radio operators/telecommunications professionals/ARO's and anyone in the radio communications business - or even DJ's!  This neon style sign "ON THE AIR" plugs into an outlet.

This product is made of lasered acrylic with high quality LEDs as Luminaire, which features clear soft lights, very low power consumption and long working life. It is regarded as a newer upgrade replacement for normal lighting fluorescent tube signs.The lighted ON THE AIR sign is carved with the latest 3-Dimension, surface and line engraving technologies. 
Our ham radio / amateur radio neon style signs are really cool! Plug one in today to let others know at a glance that you are ON THE AIR!
  • Our ON THE AIR lighted sign is approximately 12" wide by 9" high. Made with the high quality clear acrylic and lighting materials. Hang it with the durable metal chain attached to the back. Plugs in to any USA or CANADA outlet.

This is a gift that is unique, it will be totally unexpected and it's very nice quality.  Not a cheapie, by any means.  AND shipping is included in our cost!

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