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Electrical Shit Decal for Electricians and others!
Electrical Shit Decal for Electricians and others!
Made in the USA decals...our decals are made of Oracal material manufactured at the new Oracal facility in Georgia.  The decals are printed and finished for resale here in sunny Florida!  Thank you for purchasing our MADE IN THE USA line of decals for Electrical tradesmen and tradeswomen!Item# DEL025

Electrical Shit Decal...Plug old shit into new shit and the new shit goes to shit!
Super decal - vibrant colors - Super decal for any electrical contractor! 
Image depicts an electrical plug - of course! Sure to gain its share of attention no matter what part of the electrical trade you're in! Our decals don't have to be just for cars and trucks! Try a decal on your locker, your toolbox, your hardhat, your books...Put one on the door! 
  • Large 4" square vinyl electrical shit decal
  • High quality vinyl with a 7-year exterior life
  • Car Wash and Weatherproof
  • Super Detailing 

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