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The Lineman Statue Bronzetone or Handpainted By Michael Garman
The Lineman Statue Bronzetone or Handpainted By Michael Garman
Item# MG2270
The Lineman Handpainted - $240 or Bronzetone - $120

Made in the USA! Free Shipping! STUNNING Lineman Statue.  This 15"sculpture for power linemen is beautifully detailed! Your choice of two finishes: Bronzetone or Handpainted.  

This Electrical Lineman statue would make a SUPER gift for any power lineman! LINEMAN ASSESSMENT!
Gifts for Electric Linemen - statues sculptures

This electrical power lineman statue would make an impressive and treasured keepsake gift for your  lineman! If you are looking for a an anniversary gift, retirement gift or another gift to celebrate your power lineman, you may want to consider one of these sculptures.   

"We used the Lineman Statue as a give away at our Christmas party.  All our linemen made comments on how detailed the statue was and of course they all wanted it but only one was able to win.  Since our party I have had several spouses to inquire about how they could get one as a Christmas present for their husband.  For the price the work is unbelievable.  I am sure we will order again for our Christmas next year." Betty Knight, Pee Dee EMC
Select the finish on the statue
Handpainted as shown  ($240.00)
Custom Paint head to toe everything noted below or less $90 upcharge  ($320.00)
Custom Paint head to toe, with logo on helmet. Explain everything here:
Custom shirt and pants color:
Custom skin tone if not Caucasian: NOTE: Latino or African American:
Custom Hair color
Custom Paint - Hardhat color if not White:
Custom Decal - Name/Number here for Shirt or Hat:
Custom Logo on Hard Hat:

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