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The Lineman Art Print Paul Harvey Commentary
The Lineman Art Print Paul Harvey Commentary
frame and print made in the usa
Item# PRINT009
The Lineman Print - Paul Harvey Commentary, February 3, 1986
Price: $12.95 and up

This Lineman commentary quote from Paul Harvey's news and commentary which aired February 3, 1986 has been overlaid onto a beautiful image of power lines set against a snowy backdrop.
This lineman's art print is very crisp and clear and printed on high quality glossy professional art paper. It is available in three sizes:  8 x 10 and 11 x 14 and the larger 13 x 19. See options in drop down menu below.
lineman art print - paul harvey commentary
What are their thoughts, these hardy souls tangled in knots on top of poles, sweating it out in a blend of blue, doing a job few would do? What are their thoughts, this gallant crew, who risk their lives the long day through, in summer heat or winter snow, taking orders from afar and below?
What are their thoughts, these men of brawn, who joke and swear or hum a song, who know their distance well could be a rubber glove from eternity? What are their thoughts at the close of day, as they scramble down and put hooks away? Do they thank God for the heart skipped beat, to feel the earth beneath their feet? What are their thoughts as they head for home, longing once more to greet their own? Surely they must feel some delight, knowing they helped turn darkness into light. Paul Harvey News and Commentary February 3rd, 1986
Select your choice:
8 x 10 ART PRINT  
11 x 14 ART PRINT  ($17.95)
11 X 17 POSTER SIZE  ($19.95)
13 X 19 ART PRNT  ($22.95)

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