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48 pcs Adult / Child Plastic Construction Party Hats Helmets WHITE - FREE SHIPPING
48 pcs Adult / Child Plastic Construction Party Hats Helmets WHITE - FREE SHIPPING
In Stock (1)
These plastic construction hats are made in the USA!!Item# PS019

FREE SHIPPING! 48 PCS White plastic construction "hard" hats or helmets for your next celebration. These plastic construction hats are a fun little item we thought our customers might be interested in.  A fun way to celebrate graduations, birthdays, groundbreaking ceremonies etc.. Simply add a decal to the front -- or let the kids put their own stickers on, and you are all set!

These PLASTIC construction party/ hardhats are SIZED FOR MOST, so they will work for adults and children alike, as you can see in the pic below. These are NOT the cheapy hats you will find on Oriental Trading and most places. These are made here in the USA by Beistle and they are of much better quality.
We have order minimums in place. Please note we only have one case of 48 pcs in white. We are closing out our inventory and getting ready for retirement here!

Our hats fit men, women and children too! Have fun wearing these for your groundbreaking ceremonies, graduations, etc.

Hats are pretty much ONE SIZE FITS MOST (measures are approximate: 10.5" length, 8" wide and 6" tall. The inside circumference for your head is 7.5" x 6.5").They are of nice quality, made by Biestl here in the USA. There are basically two hats out there. Some that are real cheap and don't pop back into shape if bent (like you would get from Oriental Trading)...and these, which do pop back easily. Ours have a nicer profile, as well.
Let the children have some fun at your next party! Our party hats and tshirts are great litlte attention getters and the kids will love being the life of the party!
 THESE KIDS ABOVE ARE ADORABLE!!! I'm sure they made their retired grandpa one very happy man supporting him in this cute way! Put his name and retirement date or party date etc on the front with an image!
Select your choice:
48 pcs WHITE  

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