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Laminated Ohms Law Formula Card for AC and DC - 2 Sided
Laminated Ohms Law Formula Card for AC and DC - 2 Sided
Made in the USA
Item# OHMS005
Laminated Ohm's Law Formula Card for AC and DC

 If you're looking for a convenient laminated Ohms law formula card to carry with you in your glove box or folder, which shows series circuit formulas, parallel circuit formulas, for both AC and DC theory - please consider this two-sided ohms law formula card with both sets of formulas for impedance and resistance.  
These handy electrical formulas and electronics formulas laminated cards (AC Ohm's law formulas on front, DC Ohm's law formulas on back) also give you very useful formulas for apparent power, 3-phase apparent power, power factor, reactance, motor sync. generator frequency, 3-phase WYE, 3-phase delta, sine wave values and more!  Image will be clearer than shown -  Sized at approximately 8.5" x 6".... Please no copyright infringement (we're real people here - a small family business!  Woman-owned FYI if your company or organization has a supplier diversity program - we need more business!! :o)
As you can see on the Ohm's law charts, there's a wide variety of colors encircling the diagram.  These colors serve a purpose.  You can easily identify resistor band colors by looking at the chart.  For instance the color brown in the 1:00 position represents the value of one...and so forth, up to the silver in the 10 minutes to position which represents 10% tolerance - the gold in the 5 minutes to position represents 5% tolerance. These ohm's law formulas and resistor band color chart indicator are also included on our watch and clock products.  Please take a look while you're here....we have a wide variety of products for anyone interested in Ohm's law. 

 direct current resistance ohm's law formula card.
alternating current z formulas ohm's law formula card sample

Anne and her Technotetime Co. , have made a wonderful laminated   "OHM”  Law  formula chart "  for AC, DC, Series, Parallel, and Resistors  Color Coding that are perfect for all electrical students. I give them to  the four levels of Electrical Apprentices, Motor Control Classes, National Electrical Code classes, and the Fire Alarm classes that we teach. The students , no matter their age or experience , believe and say they are a great learning tool.  They also work as a book mark for the National Electrical Code. It is a cool idea that is functional and helps the students learn and have access to all the pertinent information needed."  J. Outland, M.C. Dean,Inc.  Dulles, VA
"The students loved the Ohms Law cards---even students who have been in
the field learned more by using your card. Thank you again." 
Steven Wilson, American River College
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